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Moonlight Rose Collective

Good Vibes Dome Candle

Good Vibes Dome Candle

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Our good vibes domes are simply stunning.

They contain a mix of high quality crystals and dried out fruit, flowers (mostly picked from my grandparents farm) and shells we have collected over time.

We research and create our crystal combinations ourselves and create index cards describing the meanings of each stone with Quotes and sayings that go with the overall meaning of the candle

Each candle is hand poured and decorated with good intentions and so much love    they are uniquely made Crystals/flowers/fruit will vary in size and colour between each candle.

Our good vibes candles need to be checked on regularly while burning, flowers can singe a little on the first burn this is ok!
As the candle melts the crystals and flowers will fall into the wax pool occasionally they can get in the way of the flame or the wick when this happens just use an object like a spoon to push it out of the way.
This is especially important if you have a candle with larger crystals because the crystals can move the wick when it’s in a large wax pool.
when this happens it’s important to either move the crystal or remove it and recenter the wick.
Failure to do this can lead to the edge of the glass getting to hot and cracking.

burn time approximately 35-45 hours

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